Kings Island

Animation | Online Training | UX UI

Applications Utilized


To lead the design team in the creation of an online training program for new hires at Kings Island. The training program was created through seven different online modules and included in classroom workshops. The intended message was to give the people that visit the park the"Best Day Ever" experience. The training was to teach the basics of suggestive selling and consultative up-selling to visitors who would benefit from the many food and drink options available for day visitors and gold or platinum card members.

My Roles

To work with the end clients at Kings Island to create and manage the overall visual experience of the online training. As creative director and lead designer on the project my duties included: Managing the design team to keep on time and on budget. Keeping the training fun and engaging and within the brand guidelines for Kings Island. I worked collaboratively with director and script writer Jaime Sheshull to create the online program experience. I created the open animation and audio mixing featured at the start of each learning course. I established the look and feel of the UI UX templates for use in Adobe Captivate, the software used to publish the online courses. I directed the photo-shoots in-house to capture the employees featured within the training. I directed and edited the narration recordings in the KPG sound studio. I created most of the visual assets used within all the training modules. I created the UI UX designs for the in-house LMS system created for the lesson playback. I assisted in the training of the Top Gun design team on use of Adobe Captivate in order to produce the learning courses.



Learning Management Software UI UX

At the time Top Gun Sales Performance had a development team working on an in-house management software solution called Prevail™. A version of the software was launched to play, track, and report on the learners development throughout the program. As lead designer on Prevail™ I was tasked with creating a UI UX version of the software to match the Kings Island brand.


Kings Island Training

The program was extremely successful as a whole. The management staff reported much higher customer satisfaction surveys after the staff went through the training. Sales for the year went up much higher than anticipated however those exact numbers Kings Island couldn't share with us. The following season Kings Island returned with additional minor changes to the online lessons to accommodate changes in personnel.