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Build a brand for the non profit organization Lifeline Educational Services. Brand included logo, color palette, website, print materials and scorm compliant online learning courses for use with the Student Suite App.

My Roles

Create the logo and brand identity for Lifeline Educational Services that represents the non-profit organization and their mission. Create a website to provide all of their public facing information in regards to the non profit. Lead designer and developer for the interactive learning content featured on the Student Suite App. Create the standard interactions, templates, and color palette for all online content created in Adapt. Learn and teach to the team the Adapt learning software. Implement guidelines and best practices for all content development. Create and test modules within the Student Suite app. Work with schools and organizations to adapt their learning content for use within the Student Suite app.


The Brand Identity

The logo design for Lifeline Educational Services was created in Adobe Illustrator after several preliminary sketches of water flotation devices.

Some information about Lifeline Educational Services. Lifeline Educational Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides students, parents, and schools with educational content, resources, and technologies focused on the prevention of bullying, substance use/abuse/addiction, and self-harm, while promoting emotional well-being and healthy life choices.

Content Examples

To view a few content examples please visit the SchoolAppsUSA project page or follow the link button below. The samples play best on mobile devices but are configured to function properly on desktop.

Content Examples


Brand Identity for Lifeline Educational Services

The Lifeline Educational Services brand identity was a success.

"Josh, at first glance I have to say you are brilliant!! The colors are really vibrant. I love the symbolism you have built into this image... Again, super job!!"

- Becky O.

"As usual Josh, you are the Man!!"

- Brent B.