Heimlich Heroes

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Applications Utilized

iSpringLearning Locker


To reduce the amount of paper generated for classroom learning of the Heimlich Heroes program and to create a more interactive digital version of the program that is easily quantifiable with real data points to track and measure success. The online learning needed to be designed to be playable in school classrooms with chromebooks or tablets with an available internet connection.

My Roles

To work closely with Terri Huntington a representative for Deaconess Heimlich Heroes to create an online digital version of the program utilizing their available videos, print and brand. The project consisted of project planning and scope design, script writing, storyboarding, narration recording and editing in the KPG sound studio, video editing of existing video content, the creation of all graphical assets outside of the existing brand, the creation of interactive PDFs utilizing existing brand assets, all iSpring course design and development, execution of a Learning Locker implementation and training of the Heimlich Heroes staff on the creation of dashboards within learning locker.


Grade specific online learning

The creation of two online learning modules, one geared towards grades 1-3 and another for grades 4-7. A third module was published in such a way to allow an instructor to easily navigate the learning module for quick and easy review afterward by use of an onscreen table of contents. Costs were reduced significantly by utilizing pre-existing video clips and print work from the already existing program and brand. All learning modules were scripted, narrated throughout and contain interactions, knowledge checks and a final quiz with randomized answer placement to prevent cheating. 

Heimlich Heroes UI Drag and Drop QuestionPlay Learning Module Sample
Learning Locker Sample

Learning Locker Instance

The learning modules were created as scorm compliant courses and published with iSpring. Reports were requested upon completion to show effectiveness of the program so an instance of Learning Locker was created. All interactions within the modules as well as the final quiz are pushed upon slide completion to the learning record store and results by school and grade level are displayed on a graphical web page / dashboard. The course report is also emailed to a user designated email specified by an input field at the start of the module, by default the instructor or teacher delivering the program.


An Interactive online training program

The program is a huge success. Deaconess Heimlich Heroes is currently offering this new program on their website and having great results in memory retention and student feedback.

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