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To create 4K digital menu boards for the Lakota West concessions and the creation of additional content for Concession TV to use in their demo. Menus were needed for Football, Soccer, and Lacrosse. Sponsors included Raymond's Pizza and Chick-fil-A. The project included three screens in landscape to be mounted on the wall of the concessions area. The displays included a Kona Ice video to promote the local franchise vendor, a menu for the available food options, and a display to promote the local Boosters upcoming events.

My Roles

To work directly with Concession TV representative Kathy Young and the Lakota West Athletic Boosters representative Gina Miller to help implement a visual plan for the three displays that will be mounted on the concession walls. I created content for the displays keeping within the brand guidelines of both Kona Ice and Lakota West, each display presented their own challenges.


A three panel display wall

3 Panel Display Solution for Lakota West

Kona Ice

Kona Ice already had a two and a half minute long video produced in 1080P HD, however they did not possess a 4K version. To compensate for the lack of resolution on a 4k panel I created a frame for the video and upscaled the video to 130% just short of any loss of resolution that would be noticeable on the display. I made use of the space at the bottom of the display for the local franchise owner. Keeping within the brand theme I went with cell shaded bamboo and snow covered elements and added an approved Kona Ice product shot and logo I acquired from Cameron lead designer with Kona Ice. Once the initial design was created I sent it to Cameron for approval and sign off before presenting it to Lakota West as part of the total solution.

Lakota West menu

For the displays, I was given a Lakota West Firebird logo and a hand written menu for each of the three sporting events. No food photography could be provided so I created the icons for the food choices in Adobe Illustrator. I utilized the school colors and blurred a background image from their website. I added a rotating sponsor area for Chick-fil-A and Raymond's Pizza, a promotional video from Pepsi, and a loopable scrolling message from the Lakota West Athletic Boosters.


Lakota West Athletic Boosters

The digital signage implementation by Top Gun Sales Performance and Concession TV went as smoothly as these types of implementations can go and everyone loved the messaging. Really!

"This is FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC!!! Love it :) ... Thanks Josh, love your work!"

- Gina M.


Concession TV

Solution for Concession TV

Additional animations and 4k specific samples of school appropriate content was created from various public organizations to help promote a variety of student issues. The vast majority of the content was not in a 16x9 ratio or in a layered file so many of the pieces were recreated from scratch before animation could be created.

Childhelp Hotline FlyerCDC Clean hands keep you healthyCDC Lacrosse ConcussionsCDC Flu FactCrisis Text LineStop Bullying


Concession TV

Concession TV has a pretty good start on their demo reel and has something to show interested schools who would like to implement digital signage but don't know how.