Cintas University

Tablet App UX UI | Website Design

Applications Utilized


To create designs for a custom LMS solution that cintas can use internally with its staff and externally with its clients, offering online training and certification specialization.

My Roles

To design a UX UI for the software training, learning environment and LMS implementation with a custom inhouse solution. Create a front facing website for marketing purposes and login to the system. To create a brand logo for Cintas University.


Logo Design

The concept was simple, create a logo for a cloud based solution for the purpose of training and certification. To start I created the company logo for the online learning platform with variations for light and dark backgrounds.


LMS App Designs

The above are early sketches of the functionality for the reporting aspects of the app.

The above designs are stills taken directly from the demo of the initial app designs. I created the concepts for use with the Prevail inhouse software, developed by the internal development team at Top Gun Sales Performance. The app was to be installable on Android or iOS tablet devices for internal use with Cintas staff as well as their clients.


A website, LMS, and training courses

Though the project was halted before the designs could be implemented into the functioning software due to budgetary restrictions, the designs were well received by the client and members involved in the early process of scoping this product.