Training Software Application

Applications Utilized


Create a finance based business simulator for in classroom workshop events. Purpose would be for managers of different departments to learn the basics of finance as it applies to Operations, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Finance. Participants would be asked to work as a team towards a common goal while still trying to achieve each of their own departmental objectives.

My Roles

To create the visual style of "SimBiz" and design the UX UI involved. I was tasked with creating a functioning interface utilizing web based dashboard software called Xcelsius Dashboards. I created custom flash based widgets and tools specific for each character role. I worked closely with a php developer Leo Rader to create a four player turn based finance game.


Product specific solution

The Game Setup

The game consisted of four independent characters, one on each laptop that had to all work from the same budget. The financial officer had the final word on submitting their budgets for each turn. Each scenario had different objectives for each character but ultimately the department heads had to come together to reach different business goals for there company each fiscal year. Each character screen was customized to the specific job functions of the individual characters. Results posted to a projected leaderboard controlled by the classroom instructor.


SimBiz Training Workshop

A successful turn based finance game... well, sort of. Though the game functioned as intended what was discovered during its play was how easy it was for an organization to create a downward spiral. After months of testing and play many saving throws had to be added to allow the instructor to save a team from bankruptcy keeping the game competitive and fun for all participants. The clients loved the scenarios and learning objectives and learned a lot, as did those involved with its development.