Kidd Coffee & Cana Wine Bar

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The first challenge was to update the existing brand from Kidd Coffee to Kidd Coffee and Cana Wine Bar. The owner wanted to modernize the design while adding a bit of class and sophistication to the brand. While communicating they serve coffee and wine. The next challenge would be to design a digital menu system to fit their coffee house needs. And lastly create a digital menu solution for the Cana Wine Bar utilizing the same digital menu displays. A coffee house during the day and a wine bar in the evening.

My Roles

First to design a new brand logo to incorporate the new name change because of the addition of wine sales coming to the local coffee house. And second to adapt the existing menu to an easily updatable digital menu system that could fit into the tight wall restricted space while giving new possibilities for promoting new items and daily lunch specials. The third would be to design a second set of menus geared towards the Cana Wine Bar utilizing the same displays for use in the evening hours.


Brand Logo and Digital Menu Boards

The brand design went through many iterations before coming to this balance of coffee house and wine bar. By modernizing the coffee cup with simple smooth curves allows it to flow with the vine like font. The addition of the grape behind the cup helps to put emphasis on the cup and font size of the Kidd Coffee really emphasises that coffee comes first then wine which was a balance of priority and sophistication they were after.

By rearranging and condensing the menu into two vertical standing menu panels they could more easily be fit on the tight wall space behind the counter. The display on the left was designed with a section at the bottom designated for promoting new items to the store, more of a timed rotating or fading banner area. A space on the bottom right panel was designated for daily lunch specials that could also be changed. The designs were created for use with a web based management system so anyone on the management staff at Kidd Coffee and Cana Wine Bar could login and update prices, promotions and lunch specials. The system was also designed to utilize the same displays with a second set of menus specifically created for the Cana Wine Bar offerings for the evening. Unfortunately this project was halted before the Cana Wine Bar menu designs were finished.


New Brand Logo and Digital Menu Boards

The new brand logo and digital menu board designs were a success with the owners. However there were other factors beyond my control as to why the final solution was never implemented at the store location.