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To create a corporate capabilities presentation with the ability to navigate to any piece of content within three clicks or less. The solution needed to provide video playback, a slideshow of quotes as a room opener, easy navigation, accompanying printable leave behinds and needed to be easy to install on windows based laptops.

My Roles

To design, build, and code a self installing flash application for use on the sales teams laptops. To meet with Intelligrated on a bi-weekly basis giving status updates and reviews of designed materials. Conduct and drive meetings with the marketing department to retrieve the desired information from department leaders within Intelligrated. The application had to meet the demands of the marketing department following the company style guide and brand objectives. I was responsible for many new materials and case studies created in the process of the presentations construction. To work closely with KPG Creative on the creation of videos by providing animations, lower thirds, and artistic direction when needed.


All in One Presentation Application

The flash based software solution took nine months to complete. The application included over fifty professionally produced video files, fourteen case studies, over two hundred animated slides of easy to navigate information, a third party web based interactive distribution center application, and a printable pdf used as a leave behind. The executable installer was 1.45 gigs in size and was placed on a usb stick for easy installation. Once installed the application could be launched from a desktop shortcut. The application allowed for the delivery of a consistent message with the flexibility and freedom to present all, or part of the presentation based on client conversation.



An Interactive Windows Installable Application

The application was a homerun. It was rumored the sales department brought in over a hundred and thirty five million within the first two months of its use. Following the success of the application resulted in a few live classroom training events for Top Guns Sales Performance to assist the sales team in tightening up their delivery of the companies consistent messaging. The application was updated for the first year following its release and the success of the application resulted in a few smaller trade show specific flash based applications being constructed.

"A dynamite corporate capabilities tool for intelligrated, within three clicks I can get to any piece of information about our company allowing me to quickly customize my presentation on the spot based on the complexity of our customers' needs."

- Jim McKnight
Senior Vice President, System Sales & Marketing